New Crunchyroll Premium Membership Tiers Rewards Fans
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Crunchyroll Premium Offers New Membership Tiers For Fans

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BY August 31, 2020

Crunchyroll is one of the premiere anime streaming platforms in the world. It’s been on many lists as the number one anime streamer, time and time again. Recently, there are reports of parent company WarnerMedia selling Crunchyroll to other buyers. However, despite that, the streamer still continues to make forward strides that look to enhance user experience. As part of that initiative, the streamer now announces new Crunchyroll Premium membership tiers. 

Crunchyroll Anime Streamer One Of The World’s Best

New Crunchyroll Premium membership tiers logo Image via Crunchyroll.

Beginning as a platform to showcase anime, Crunchyroll quickly became the premier place for most anime TV shows and movies. Up until very recently the streamer was the exclusive provider of licensed anime that featured both new and classic content. But their new Crunchyroll Originals lineup has anime content produced exclusively by Crunchyroll. Their new original anime series such as Tower Of God and the new God Of High School are doing very well with critics. And now, with the new Crunchyroll Premium membership tiers, the streamer looks to consolidate its position in the marketplace. 

New Crunchyroll Premium Membership Tiers Reward Fans With More

Many streaming services offer different levels of access based on the monthly premium paid. Most of these differences are usually just with or without advertisements during the experience. With Crunchyroll, the new streaming tier reward fans with a bit more, as evident by their catchy level names. The free streaming app still continues to provide ad-supported access, along with simulcasts available one week after the premiere. However, when fans get the Crunchyroll Premium membership, there are more options. 

Fan Level

The Fan level of Crunchyroll Premium is USD 7.99/month and it provides an ad-free experience. The tier also gives members a the same catalog of Crunchyroll’s library, but also premiere day and date releases of simulcast series. The tier even includes access to Crunchyroll’s library of digital manga. 

Mega Fan Level

The next level of Crunchyroll Premium is the Mega Fan for USD 9.99/month. This tier includes the same access and content as the Fan level but also has offline viewing to fans and access to four concurrent streams. Along with the upgrade to the Crunchyroll anime library, the Mega Fan level also includes $15 off a $100 purchase from the Crunchyroll Store every three months. 

Ultimate Fan Level

The last level and the most rewarding is the Ultimate Fan tier for USD 14.99/month providing the most access to the anime streaming platform. The new tier covers all the perks of the previous levels such as ad-free viewing and access to the entire Crunchyroll library and simulcast. But instead of the four concurrent streams at the Mega Fan level, Ultimate Fans get six. Members at this level also get an annual swag bag, access to exclusive march from Crunchyroll, and $25 off of every $100 purchase from the Crunchyroll Store every three months. With this upgrade to the new Crunchyroll Premium membership tiers, the anime streamer could be on its way to getting a leg up on their competition. 

Will you be taking advantage of any of Crunchyroll’s new member tiers? Let us know in the comments below. 

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