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Crunchyroll Fall Dub Lineup is Packed with Great Content

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BY November 12, 2020
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Winter anime seasons are usually quite memorable. This time around, the 2020 fall anime season is no exception. With really wonderful shows like Jujutsu Kaisen, TONIKAWA, and more, there are a lot of great options. Although many are several episodes into their seasons, some waited to see what shows would receive dubs. I personally love dubs, even though I know people debate whether or not subs are superior. To me, the voice actors in English and Japanese both bring incredible performances to the table. The Crunchyroll fall dub lineup is official and fans are going to have a lot to watch this month and beyond. From Shonen Jump hits to incredible originals, here’s what you can look forward to watching in the coming weeks.

Crunchyroll Fall Dub Lineup Announced

crunchyroll fall dub lineup Image Credit: Crunchyroll Originals

Overall, all the biggest Crunchyroll series this season seem to be getting a dub. Let’s start first with what is arguably the biggest show this season. JUJUTSU KAISEN is a popular Shonen Jump series. MAPPA is killing it with the animation. Dubs for this show will premiere on Friday, November 20, with new episodes streaming exclusively on Crunchyroll every week. The dubbed episodes will be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. Voice actors attached to the dub include Adam McArthur as Yuuji Itadori and Robbie Daymond as Megumi Fushiguro.  Anne Yatco will play Nobara Kugisaki and Satoru Gojou is voiced by Kaiji Tang.

tonikawa crunchyroll contest Image Credit: Crunchyroll Originals

Next, a week before JUJUTSU releases, I’m Standing on a Million Lives will debut on November 13. A number of notable voice actors from series like Dragonball Z Super, Fire Force, and Re:ZERO will star in the series. On November 20, the dub for TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You is set to debut as well. The love-struck couple is getting two great voice actors to star; fan-favorites Zach Aguliar and Lauren Landa. Noblesse debuts days before on November 18 with weekly dubs as well. Onyx Equinox, the upcoming Crunchyroll Original, is set to debut in English on Saturday, November 21. The show will follow a young Aztec boy on a journey across Mesoamerica.

Overall, this lineup is very strong across the many genres. In short, there’s action, drama, and even a stellar romance anime. What upcoming show in the Crunchyroll fall dub lineup excites you the most? If you have a favorite, then let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things anime, comics, and pop culture.

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