Cowboy Bebop Teaser Trailer Is Insanely Innovative And Looks Awesome
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The Cowboy Bebop Teaser Trailer Is Insanely Innovative And Looks Awesome

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BY April 25, 2022

Cowboy Bebop is a brand new Netflix original series that anime fans have been looking forward to forever. But with the release of the Cowboy Bebop teaser trailer, the show should also appeal to general audiences too. The anime is highly influential with its genre-bending tones and amazingly well-written characters. So it’s no surprise that this teaser trailer is almost like an event in and of itself. And man, oh man, does it showcase one of the year’s most anticipated shows. Although, the teaser is less trailer, and almost like a self-contained mini-episode. Which just raises anticipation for the full series so much more. Check out the teaser trailer of Cowboy Bebop, and my breakdown of it.

Cowboy Bebop’s Influence In Western Media

Cowboy Bebop teaser trailer spike Image via Netflix.

Firstly, Cowboy Bebop is one of the very few anime series that wasn’t based on an original manga. Instead, the series was so successful, it inspired manga of its own. Through its run, the show garnered multiple awards and accolades. So much so that many consider it one of the greatest animated series of all time. It’s also credited as a gateway into anime for Western audiences. The show’s variety of tones set in the sci-fi, Western and Neo-noir genres makes it one of the more stand-out anime of all time.

So it makes total sense to see how something with that much international appeal and acclaim could get its own live-action adaptation. But given the very much anime style of Cowboy Bebop, there was also a lot of concern about how a live-action version of such a creative show would, or could, work. However, so far, everything from the Netflix show looks great. Although, nothing looks as great as the Cowboy Bebop teaser trailer that feels like a true anime, but just with non-animated characters.

The Cowboy Bebop Teaser Trailer Is A Creative Work Of Art

Cowboy Bebop teaser trailer action Image via Netflix.

Billed more as a ‘lost session’ of Cowboy Bebop, the teaser trailer is very much just like a short film. It almost feels like it was a proof of concept test sequence to sell the series. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that was the case, actually. But the short teaser gives us a lot of the unique visual style, a sense of tone, and charming characters. It’s the best idea of what to expect from this brand new anime adaptation series. The teaser starts by introducing the three main lead characters of Spike (John Cho), Faye (Daniella Pineda) and Jet (Mustafa Shakir). The show is about these three bounty hunters in the year 2071 and their adventures.

There’s a new bounty available, so the three scramble to different locations trying to find him, but instead, trouble finds them. It’s really hard to describe the teaser trailer of the Cowboy Bebop live-action show. The characters get into fights, try to eat noodles, have a traumatic flashback, and then end it all off in a fight again. But more so than what happens in this teaser, it’s the how it happens that’s the best thing about it.

This Is A Stylized Trailer Unlike Anything Before It

Cowboy Bebop teaser trailer crew Image via Netflix.

When the trailer begins, the three characters are in their own separate comic book panels, with lines splitting the screen into three different frames. But as they start talking to each other, each character can grab the edge of the panel and throw it around the screen, expanding their individual space, or joining someone else’s. This is how they change locales in an instant or even weaponize the edges. It’s literally like comic book characters jumping through the panels in a comic book. But in live-action, it looks absolutely unique and never before seen.

As one character steps into another’s panel from their own, the lighting on them instantly changes to that location in that panel. Even during fight scenes, the line in the split-screen between characters is just hilarious as it juxtaposes characters leaning against the line and getting hit with it. The totally comic book or anime way that the camera is framed, to the special effects in the shot to enhance a character’s emotions, it all feels so fresh and innovative. The whole thing is pulpy, retro, like a manga come to life, in a way that’s entertaining, shocking and visually abstract in the best possible way. If the entire series will be this creative, then the Cowboy Bebop teaser trailer absolutely succeeds in getting audiences excited for the show.

Teaser Trailer Of Cowboy Bebop Endears The Characters

Cowboy Bebop teaser trailer original Image via Netflix.

It’s also a testament to how awesome the show could be, given that in just a few minutes, the teaser trailer makes us love the characters. Not to mention the amount of background story and their dynamic that is crammed in. Cho’s Spike is clearly the dreamer, daydreaming and prioritizing noodles over bad guys. Pineda’s Faye is the no-nonsense one who always feels exasperated by the boys. Whereas Shakir’s Jet looks to be the most normal of the three, but easily frustrated by the other two. However, their bickering, chemistry and obvious support of one another provide a sense of family. And amazingly conveys it to the audiences as well, in just a few short seconds that they’re on screen.

The Cowboy Bebop teaser trailer is really something as it creates the perfect snapshot of how the actual series is going to be like. It’s the perfect introduction for general audiences. On top of which, the Netflix show is also going to great lengths to make sure the live-action show is authentic to the original anime series. Along with the original composer returning for the new show, the original Japanese voice cast are also coming back. Announced in a tweet from Netflix’s Japan Anime account, the streamer officially confirmed the original cast’s return to dub the Japanese audio for the live-action show. Along with making the original anime available on their platform as well. With this much care and creativity, expectations are high and I absolutely cannot wait for this new show.

The Cowboy Bebop anime is currently streaming on Netflix. While the live-action show premieres on Netflix on November 19.

Does the teaser trailer of Cowboy Bebop get you more hyped for the new show? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix.

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