Castlevania Season 4 Release Date Announced; Spin-Off Series Coming
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Castlevania Season 4 Release Date Announced; Spin-Off Series In The Works

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BY April 19, 2021

Castlevania is, by and large, the biggest reason for Netflix’s huge anime catalog right now. Premiering in 2017, Castlevania blew the doors off with an amazing response from audiences. The series is based on a Konami video game, and the anime version’s Gothic-style storytelling set in a Medieval time was supremely interesting. It was their biggest anime hit to date, around which they built their current original and licensed anime empire. And now, we have a Castlevania season 4 release date, along with more news to make fans excited. 

Castlevania Season 4 Release Date Announced In Brief Teaser

Castlevania Season 4 release date fight. Image via Netflix.

The news comes from Netflix’s geek account, NX on Twitter, that provided the brief teaser. The teaser is very Game Of Thrones-like, with the only moving image being a map of the fictional world of Wallachia. The different cities are highlighted as the voiceovers of different characters from previous seasons, set the stage for the coming conflict. The first voice is that of Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) warning others of the potential threat to come. The next is that of the now main antagonist of the series, Carmilla (Jaime Murray) who reveals her plans to expand her conquest beyond the known territories. 

Again, it’s a teaser that is very reminiscent of the opening credits of Game Of Thrones, where a map of Westeros appears, showing all the relevant locations of each episode. It’s an interesting parallel between the two different shows. In many ways, Castlevania is very GoT-like with a similar Medieval setting, the tense doom of otherworldly creatures threatening to take over the world. Various storylines and characters having to converge to rise up against that threat. But, given that this is Castlevania’s last season, here’s hoping the similarities between the two shows ends there.

More Castlevania Series Coming From Netflix

Very slowly, Netflix is becoming the streamer that is announcing a lot of upcoming anime content. Thus far though, not a lot of it has come to fruition. Similarly, a new Deadline report confirms that there is a series in development that will feature an entirely new cast, but set in the Castlevania universe. This is very on-brand with the streamer’s recent plans to develop multiple anime spin-offs of many of their original content. The recent Netflix anime Altered Carbon: Resleeved and Pacific Rim: The Black released with mixed reactions. Both were spin-offs of their respective franchises. And while Resleeved wasn’t enough to save the series, The Black very much worked as a successful spin off. 

Castlevania Season 4 release date S3. Image via Netflix.

We don’t know a lot about the new Castlevania spin-off series, except for the fact that creator Warren Ellis may not be involved. Recently, Ellis was the recipient of multiple sexual abuse allegations which he denied. Despite this, we knew even before the Castlevania season 4 release date announcement that this would be Ellis’ last season with the show. So it’s a given that the new series will probably not feature the writer. 

How More Castlevania Benefits The Streamer And Audiences

Castlevania Season 4 release date Alucard. Image via Netflix.

Castlevania is a seminal piece of work for so many reasons. Not only was it the first recent mainstream reboot of a popular franchise into the anime medium, but it put Powerhouse Animation Studios on the map. Collaborating with Netflix, Powerhouse has since released Seis Manos and Blood Of Zeus as highly successful original anime. Castlevania also successfully brought public domain lore into the mainstream with an incredibly impressive season 1, featuring the lore of Dracula himself. 

It’s also seemingly proof of concept for other anime set in a similar setting, featuring similar storytelling. Recently, another Netflix original released, Dota: Dragon’s Blood, another adaptation of a video game set in a Medieval setting. Here’s hoping a lot more Castlevania comes our way soon. 

Castlevania season 4 premieres on Netflix on May 13. 

How do you feel about more Castlevania spin-off series? And let us know what kind of new series you want set in the same world, in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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