By The Grace Of The Gods Anime Is A Hopeful Isekai Series
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By The Grace Of The Gods Anime Premiere At FunimationCon 2020 Shows A Hopeful Isekai Series

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BY July 5, 2020

Another one of the original premieres of FunimationCon 2020 was By the Grace of the Gods anime. The anime’s first episode premiered at the first-ever virtual con organized by the anime streamer Funimation. After acquiring the rights to the manga series, By The Grace Of The Gods anime will release later in 2020 on Funimation. 

By The Grace Of The Gods Anime Comes From A Light Novel Turned Into Manga

By The Grace Of The Gods anime manga. Image via Hobby Japan

The original By The Grace Of The Gods was a light novel by Roy and Ririnra released in 2014. Light Novels are stories targeted towards high school and middle school demographics. They’re essentially the equivalent of Young Adult novels in both subject matter and tone. And this story really fits the bill of that genre of content. The story is also that of the isekai anime genre, seeing that it’s about a man transported into a new fantasy world. 

By The Grace Of The Gods is a story about a middle-aged man who meets his untimely demise. However, instead of it being a tragic ending, the Gods reincarnate him into a new fantasy world as an 8-year-old boy, with magic abilities. Oh, and a variety of slime inhabit this world, which the now-boy befriends and begins to live with. The original story is all about how this boy’s solitary life in this new fantasy world is not quite as simple as he envisioned. 

Flashbacks Showcase How The Gods Reincarnated A Man Into A Boy

Ryoma narrates his story of exactly how he became a young boy. Living a terribly unfulfilling life in the modern-day world, Ryoma was a middle-aged man working in an office. Having had an abusive father and even more abusive bosses at his job, Ryoma was not happy at all. When an accident in his sleep caused his demise, he awoke with three Gods offering him a second chance. Being turned into a young boy, Ryoma goes to a different world to live on his own in the woods. He also has magical abilities that help him during this new life. The details of why and how the Gods offered this aren’t exactly clear, but Ryoma was just happy to have a better chance at finally being happy. Although, little did he know what else there was in store for him. 

FunimationCon 2020 Premieres First Episode Of By The Grace Of The Gods Anime

By The Grace Of The Gods anime premiere. Image via Funimation.

The anime series’ first episode released during FunimationCon 2020’s first day of festivities. The series premiere introduced us to the world of various slime, as narrated by Ryoma (Azusa Tadokoro). During his regular walks, one day Ryoma comes across some injured knights, one of them being badly hurt. The boy offers his help to revive the knight, inviting the group back to his home. Upon arrival, the knights express confusion about how this young boy survived on his own for years in the woods. Ryoma doesn’t reveal his true nature, but one of the knights determines his impressive magic abilities using a crystal ball. Intrigued, another knight, revealed to be a Duke, takes an interest in Ryoma. 

After parting on good terms, Ryoma’s solitude ends as the Duke returns weeks later, wanting to reacquaint the boy with civilization. Initially flustered at the new turn of events, Ryoma later seems interested in meeting new people despite it. But how they’ll react to the truth of his origin, and how he’s going to live amongst them is something he still has to figure out. 

By the Grace of the Gods anime premieres on Funimation on later this year. 

What did you think of the new original anime from Funimation? Let us know in the comments below. 

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