Scarlet Nexus Anime Teaser Announces New Series On Funimation
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Brand New Scarlet Nexus Role Playing Game To Become A New Anime On Funimation

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BY April 12, 2021

It’s not uncommon for popular video games to become anime series. One of the biggest examples of this is the critically acclaimed Netflix series, Castlevania. While there are many others, the adaptation is almost always something that comes after the game experiences years of popularity. So the Scarlet Nexus anime teaser caught me a Little off-guard, given just how new the game is. The Scarlet Nexus video game is due to release June 25, while the Scarlet Nexus anime teaser announces its release sometime in 2021. 

Scarlet Nexus Video Game Releases Soon

Scarlet Nexus anime teaser featured. Image via Sunrise.

The Scarlet Nexus game is a role-playing video game that is from the third-perspective. The playable characters are part of a supernatural task force called Other Suppression Force (OSF). Their mandate is to protect the world from creatures known as The Others. It is the usual supernatural group fighting against otherworldly beings to protect a futuristic world ravaged by these monsters. The main characters also have interesting backgrounds that link them together, making for a compelling story as well. 

The game sees players progress through the world, picking up allies, forming alliances, complimenting and adding to their own skill sets. The game is set to combine elements of fantasy and futuristic technology and just the right amount of supernatural powers that make the whole thing very interesting. The official synopsis of the anime, released with the announcement, describes the main storyline of the anime. 

Solar calendar year 2020: grotesque organisms called Others have begun eating people. To take down this new enemy, a special group comes togther comprised of children with powers, known as the Other Suppression Force. Saved by this elite team as a child, psychokinetic Yuito withstands the training to enlist. On the other hand, prodigy Kasane was scouted for her abilities. But Kasane’s dreams tell her strange things, dragging the two into an unavoidable fate.

Scarlet Nexus Anime Teaser Coincides With Game Release

The Scarlet Nexus anime teaser is very brief and only gives us a glimpse into the new anime. The teaser does confirm that the anime will follow the same premise of the game. The linking of minds to fight the creatures seem to be the main idea of the anime. The character designs look especially good. The two main characters appear in the teaser, also confirming that the anime will be very much in the traditional format, instead of the 3D CGI animation style. The CG animation style is something of a huge debate in the anime community. While some anime does a great job, like Ghost In The Shell (our review here), others like Dragon’s Dogma end up awkward and blocky looking. 

The Scarlet Nexus anime also confirms a ‘global release’, which implies that the anime will release with the game. However, the teaser doesn’t show the exact date for the anime’s release. But it will probably follow the game to cross-promote both. 

The Scarlet Nexus anime will be streaming on Funimation in Summer 2021. 

Are you looking forward to the Scarlet Nexus anime and the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image via Sunrise. 

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