Bleach Anime Series Returns To A Story Arc From The Manga
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Bleach Anime Series Returns To Complete Thousand-Year Blood War Story Arc From The Manga

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BY February 10, 2022

The Bleach anime series returns in 2021 with a story that ends its incredible run, both in manga and anime. The long-running, highly renowned manga series of the same name, is one of the greatest anime of all time. The series shares that esteem with others like Naruto and Dragon Ball. But Bleach is an award-winning manga series that became an equally significant anime. With news that the Bleach anime series returns in a little over a year, the world could experience a resurgence. 

How The Bleach Anime Took The World By Storm

Bleach anime series returns poster. Image via Viz Media.

Like many other iconic anime series, Bleach comes from a manga. The manga came out in 2001 and slowly rose in fans’ hearts as one of the best manga of the industry. Bleach was one of those rare mangas that experienced popularity in the West, before its anime. Most mangas see an increase in sales after the anime adaptation. Through syndication, international audiences grew to love the show, but the world already knew about the books.

In 2004 the series became an anime. The anime style and action choreography of the show made it stand out and stand the test of time. The original manga ended its story-run in 2016. And the anime adapted most of the book’s storylines and ended in 2012 with 366 episodes to its name. There has been other Bleach content, like movies, musicals and video games. But the anime series remains the most beloved. Yet, the anime was unable to complete the last story arc from the book. So the anime left many fans unsatisfied and without any sense of the story resolving. Now, 8 years later, the Bleach anime series returns to complete that unfinished business. 

The Bleach Anime Series Returns Continuing The Same Story

Bleach anime series returns poster. Image via Viz Media.

Unlike most returns of classic franchise, this Bleach anime series will not be a reboot or remake. It’s a continuation of the previous storyline. The new Bleach anime will adapt the iconic Thousand-Year Blood War storyline from the manga, to conclusively end the series. The story deals with a young boy given powers by a Soul Reaper. In a very Green Lantern-like origin story, a boy meets a dying Soul Reaper, who transfers its powers to him. Becoming a Soul Reaper himself, ferrying souls of the dead to the other side, the boy begins a new life of his own. The boy then has  to juggle responsibilities in the Afterlife, as well as typical high school life. This concept creates amazing opportunities for storytelling. Bleach works because of its familiar premise, similar to Spider-Man. Or other stories where a youth has to balance the everyday against the extraordinary. And it’s not hard to see why both the Bleach manga and anime have been so successful. 

The Series Return Coincides With the 20th Anniversary of the Show

Celebrating its 20th year, the announcement caught fans off guard. Fans of the unfinished Bleach anime thought they’d never get a conclusion. With the series returning, it’s a chance for former fans a chance to see the manga story end. Especially in anime form. The series may even help Bleach find new audiences. Maybe Bleach will find new life and continue given the recent demand for anime content. Especially with streaming services like Crunchyroll or Netflix. But we still don’t know exactly when the new Bleach anime will release. 

Are you excited about the Bleach anime series’ return? Let us know in the comments below. 

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