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Are The Attack On Titan Games Good?

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BY March 16, 2021

If you’re an Attack on Titan fan right now, then you’re probably feeling a little down. The fourth season of the anime is winding down. We’re all expecting a second cour of the show to finish out the manga, but nothing is certain. Speaking of the manga, that’s also coming to an end. For a show and franchise so ingrained in pop culture, it’s a bit crazy to see both popular media ending at the same time. If you’re itching for a bit more of the chaos from this world, then you might be turning to other popular adaptations of the story. A question on your mind might be whether or not the Attack on Titan games are any good and worth playing. Hopefully, this article answers that question for you.

Attack on Titan and Attack on Titan 2 – Are the Games Any Good?

attack on titan games good Image Credit: Koei Techmo

Ever since the trailer for the final Attack on Titan episodes dropped, I’ve felt emotional. I know the likelihood of a second cour is high, but still, it’s insane to see this story coming to an end. It’s honestly got me interested in the series’ video games again. When it comes to game adaptations, things can go well or they can go very, very poorly. Luckily for us, both of the console/PC Attack on Titan games are quite good. Firstly, Attack on Titan released in 2016. Arriving in Japan first, the game reached the West on Sony consoles as well as Xbox and PC. 

Attack on Titan (2016) is a bit rough around the edges. Aimed at running on consoles ranging from the PlayStation 3, Vita, Xbox One, and PC, the game doesn’t feel optimized for any single experience. Therefore, even the “modern” ports for PS4 and Xbox One don’t look all that good. The game covers the first season of the show, or chapters 1 through 33 of the manga. It’s a good adaptation in the sense that you’ll likely look past the issues if you’re a fan of the series. The sequel, however, is truly a lot of fun.

Attack on Titan 2, released in 2018, is a much more complete experience. Interestingly enough, this game also covers the first season of the show as well as the second. To accommodate the third season, a “complete edition” of sorts released in 2019 titled Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle. Cel-shaded graphics and improvements to the controls and strategy of killing Titans really helped this game feel truer to the anime. 

How About the Handheld Game?

attack on titan games good Image Credit: Koei Techmo

Way before either of the good Attack on Titan games released, we got Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains. Released for the 3DS in 2013, this was not the game fans wanted. The 3DS was capable of running really great games, but this was not one of them. The game used cutscenes from the anime and the graphics didn’t even look atrocious. The real issue here is the control of the characters. The ODM, or Omni-directional mobility gear, sort of functions like Spider-Man’s webs in theory. In the 3DS version, there’s very little feel for how to properly control your character. 

The issue with getting the ODM to work is you need two analog sticks to really handle the perspective and movement. Despite offering Circle Pad Pro support, it doesn’t quite feel right. Even in Attack on Titan (2016), the movement doesn’t feel all that fluid or precise. It isn’t until Attack on Titan 2 that you feel like you’re really handling the game’s intensity with some sort of awareness. If you’re a fan curious about the handheld game, then I’d just say pass on it for now. Hell, pass on it forever.

If you plan on playing the best of the three, then good luck finding a physical copy. Copies for Xbox One and PS4 run well over $120 on most places online. The Switch version is closer to $200. You can grab the game for MSRP on Steam, as well as the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and Nintendo eShop. 

If you’re sad to see both the anime and manga coming to an end, then the Attack on Titan games are good enough to help quell the sadness. At least for a little while.

Featured Image Credit: Koei Techmo

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