'Weathering With You' Is Japan’s Official Entry For The Oscars
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‘Weathering With You’ Is The Third Anime Selected As Japan’s Official Entry For The Oscars

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BY February 10, 2022

The Third Anime Selected as Japan’s Official Entry for the Oscars

The Anime that has so far rocked Japan’s Box Office could now go to the Oscars. Weathering With You is Japan’s official selection for the Best International Feature Film category at the US Academy Awards. 

Weathering With You has been a juggernaut at the Japanese Box Office since it’s release in July. As Comic Years previously reported, the movie even beat out the massive worldwide hit, Hobbs And Shaw, when it premiered in the country. The film has received critical and commercial acclaim, with over $100 Million USD so far. 

The feature length Anime is Japan’s official entry for that category at the prestigious ceremony that celebrates the best movies in Hollywood. The ceremony also includes some international movies as well. 

The movie will compete with many other countries, before being able to get a nomination. If nominated, Weathering With You will go on to the Oscars in 2020, to compete at a chance to be the Best International Feature Film. 

The History of Anime at the Oscars

This is the third Anime chosen for this category at the Oscars. The first two films selected were Pom Poko and Princess Mononoke. Which also makes Weathering With You the first-ever non-Studio Ghibli film selected for the category. 

As discussed in our extensive Anime guide, Studio Ghibli is a Japanese Anime studio that is world renowned. Its films have massive cross over appeal with a fandom from all over the world. Weathering With You is in great company among these two Studio Ghibli films. Given the track record of the film’s director, this comes as no surprise. 

Weathering With You Director’s Acclaimed Filmography

'Weathering With You' poster. Image via Toho

The director of Weathering With You, Makoto Shinkai, has been in this same position before. His previous film, the critically acclaimed Your Name, (also included in our handy dandy Anime guide) was also selected for consideration at the Oscars. Your Name was one of the movies in the Best Animated Feature category at the awards show in 2016. However, the film ultimately did not win the nomination. 

Your Name itself was also able to cross over into the mainstream upon its release. The film’s appeal saw any Hollywood critics tun their attention to Anime in a big way. 

Weathering With You is a charming story about fitting in, and finding your place in the world, with someone who’s there with you. 

Do you think Weathering With You has a chance at the Oscars? Let us know below. 

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