Anime Versions Of Netflix Originals That We Need
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Anime Versions Of Netflix Originals: 5 Series That Need An Anime Adaptation

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BY March 29, 2020

Anime versions of Netflix originals seem to be all the rage. Netflix has been expanding its anime selection aggressively over the last few years. Some of the best new anime have been exclusively Netflix originals. Like that of Seis Manos or Castlevania. Not to mention, Netflix’s library of live-action originals, most of which have been very successful. It feels like there’s a new Netflix original almost every weekend. Now, Netflix has been doubling down by supplementing their originals into anime content. The Netflix original, Altered Carbon, recently got its own anime spin-off in Resleeved. There’s also reports that Netflix’s The Witcher series, will get its own series of companion anime movies. 

Given Netflix’s affinity to mash up their originals into anime, I, of course, have some suggestions. So here are the 5 anime versions of Netflix originals that we need to see right away. 

Anime Version Of Netflix Originals Narcos

anime versions of Netflix originals narcos Image via Netflix

Narcos is one of Netflix’s best-watched original series. The show about Colombian drug cartels draws inspiration from true stories. The series made for binge-worthy seasons of television. Narcos was so successful there was even a spin-off in Narcos: Mexico. The tone of the series is very mature, featuring a lot of violence and gore. Which makes the series perfect for adaptation into anime. 

An anime version of the Netflix original could further expand on this drug cartel world. Most adaptations change the original setting into the place of their origin. So for an anime version of Narcos, the setting could easily be Japan. Where Manga and anime originated from. The mafia underworld of Japan is in a lot of fiction, albeit, stereotypically. Most notably, the Yakuza is an infamous Japanese mob that’s been in many movies and series. Both in Asian cinema, as well as Hollywood content. A realistic anime version of Narcos could look at the crime world of Japan. Along with the hyper-violent action that the anime medium offers. 

Black Mirror In Anime Might Be More Terrifying Than Original

Anime versions of Netflix originals Black Mirror poster. Image via Netflix.

Black Mirror is a Netflix original series that is very much in the vein of The Twilight Zone. But with a specific theme. The episodic series has stories set in futures where technology has impacted humans. Sometimes positively, other times negatively. But almost always creepily. The stories are always contemplative and weird and make a social commentary on our world. An anime of Black Mirror could go even weirder, without any live-action restrictions. In anime form, Black Mirror could really push the boundaries of what is acceptable in society. Even episodes with monsters that act as a metaphor to the self-absorbed urges of mankind. Especially in the age of self absorbed social media. Just off the top of my head. The possibilities of magic and the supernatural could be a whole new world for the anime. 

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina The Anime Witch

anime versions of Netflix originals Sabrina Image via Netflix

No anime version of a Netflix original is more ideal than Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. The graphic novel adaptation already lives in the realm of the supernatural. Not to mention the overt horror tone that the series has. The new adaptation is very dark for a former kid-friendly comic book. It’s all about teenagers dabbling in dark arts with dangerous consequences. A premise that feels tailor-made for an anime series. The anime version of Sabrina wouldn’t even have to modify the story too much. For example, the show already has anime staples working for it. A villain that’s the embodiment of the devil. The protagonists are witches practicing dark arts. A heroine who treads the line between dark and good, while also trying to live the teenage girl life. All concepts explored many times in shows such as Bleach or Death Note. 

Anime Versions of Netflix Original The Umbrella Academy

anime versions of Netflix originals Umbrella Academy Image via Netflix

The Umbrella Academy is a comic book adaptation on Netflix. The series deals with adults with powers, raised as superheroes who aged out of those ideals. A dysfunctional family, having to come together to save the world. The series was a quirky, fast-paced action-adventure series. The characters and concepts made Umbrella Academy a great watch. And when it comes to anything superhero academy related, we need to look no further than anime. As a result, The anime version of this Netflix original would be a new take on an existing concept. My Hero Academia is already an anime about a school of superheroes. But on a larger scale than Umbrella Academy. The anime style of bloody graphic action would be perfectly suited to the series. While the outrageous stories, of talking gorillas and robot-moms is already so very very anime. 

An Anime Version Of Lost In Space Could Be Out Of This World

anime versions of Netflix originals Lost in Space Image via Netflix

One of the best genres of the anime medium is science fiction. Some of the best anime of all time have been epic sci-fi adventures or about futuristic worlds. Akira, Gundam Wing, Ghost In The Shell are just a few examples. An anime version of Netflix’s original Lost In Space could easily be in the same vein. Lost In Space is an adaptation of a TV show from the 60s. The Netflix series keeps the family-friendly tone of the show. While also creating a bigger world with more challenges than the original series. 

Similarly, an anime version of Lost In Space could very well do the same thing but enhance those elements. Imagine the worlds that the family visit being that much more elaborate done in the anime style. The iconic Robot from the series alone could get an amazing sci-fi spin as a mech droid style that anime does so well. Story-wise, the series would truly go beyond any other iteration. With ongoing adventures on different planets, meeting new people and stories. Not to mention elaborate storylines involving clones and the fall of humankind. 

Which anime versions of Netflix originals do you want to see happen? Let us know in the comments below. 

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