Summit Of the Gods Anime Teaser Is Tense And Breathtaking
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Anime Adaptation Of Summit Of the Gods Manga Releases Tense Teaser

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BY February 10, 2022

The Annecy Film Festival is becoming the go-to for incredible animated works. I thoroughly enjoyed their Shorts for Families presentation at the recent We Are One film festival. So it’s not a surprise that a new preview came out at a recent showcase at Annecy. The Summit Of The Gods anime teaser shows a quick glimpse at what the movie has to offer. From a critically acclaimed manga series, Summit Of The Gods anime is a hybrid 2D/3D CG animated film. The long awaited movie from 2015 will finally see release in 2021, after countless delays. 

Summit Of The Gods Manga Is An Adventure Through Everest

Summit Of The Gods anime teaser manga. Image via Shueisha

The manga series Summit Of The Gods originally debuted in 2000, written by Jiro Taniguchi. Since then it has had an official English adaptation that did just as well as the original manga. The English translation of the manga even got a nomination for the Eisner award in 2014. The announcement for the anime film was in 2015, but since then has undergone changes in director and its animation style. The scope of the movie has caused this long delay, even before the issues presented by COVID-19. The showcase at Annecy finally confirmed the film’s release.

The story of the Summit Of The Gods anime is about a passionate wildlife photographer who uncovers a mystery. The photographer finds a camera belonging to George Mallory, the famous real-life mountaineer who led the first expeditions to Mount Everest in the early 1920s. To find out more about that part of the world’s history, the photographer teams up with a well-known climber to set off on an adventure of his own.

The Summit Of The Gods Anime Teaser Is Breathtakingly Tense

The teaser for Summit Of The Gods anime is a short one. It’s a brief clip that sets the stage and the tone for the movie. Looking very much like a survivalist-type of story, the teaser begins with a man worn down by the icy climate of Everest. Coming across a gap in the peak, he has to traverse it with all his might. It’s a clip devoid of any dialogue, but it builds on the tension based on the situation, very effectively. Makes me wonder how much more thrilling the setting will be in the actual movie. The sweeping visuals of Mount Everest, along with the snow-ridden background look breathtaking, even in the short clip. The sound design is amazing and that alone gets me excited for how the rest of the film is framed. 

The Summit Of The Gods anime releases in 2021. 

What did you think about the Summit Of The Gods teaser? Let us know in the comments below. 

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