Altered Carbon: Resleeved Anime Trailer Gloriously Expands The Universe
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Altered Carbon: Resleeved Anime Trailer Brings A New Way To Expand A Universe

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BY February 10, 2022

The Altered Carbon: Resleeved anime trailer is our first look into this new adaptation. The Netflix original, Altered Carbon is a revolutionary new science fiction show. The series explores themes of identity, metaphysics, and morality, with a side of action-thriller. It’s one of the best shows, quite possibly, of the last decade. Altered Carbon season 2 just ended recently. But fans don’t have to wait too long to jump back into that world again. The Altered Carbon: Resleeved anime trailer returns to familiar concepts in a new way.

How Does Altered Carbon Work? 

Altered Carbon poster. Image via Netflix.

Altered Carbon is set in the distant future. Humanity found the way to transfer their consciousness into downloadable devices. They then have the ability to use different bodies, at their whim or need. It’s the technology of an ancient alien race that inspired the use of the devices called Stacks. People can choose their own bodies, make enhancements, and in a way, live forever. But only those that can afford it. Living forever comes with perks and disadvantages. Bodies become as interchangeable as clothes. The best reserved for those who can pay for them. It’s a brave new world. 

The new Altered Carbon: Resleeved anime trailer has a great tagline. It asserts that when everything is temporary, somethings are that much more permanent. Season 1 of Altered Carbon saw a special soldier, Takeshi Kovacs revived after 250 years. His return was for the purpose of solving the murder of a rich man who has lived for centuries. Season 2 followed the story of Kovacs, in a new body, as his adventures in this universe continued. The world expanded with, potentially, no end in sight. 

Resleeved Is Just The First Adaptation Of Many Planned Netflix Original Anime

Resleeved is one of the many planned anime adaptations of Netflix original series. Netflix’s The Witcher is getting its own anime adaptation. The story supposedly bridges season 1 and the upcoming season 2. The first of these anime adaptations of original series will be Resleeved. The first look images revealed a very Asian-inspired story. And the Altered Carbon: Reseleeved anime trailer does not disappoint. 

Altered Carbon: Reseleeved Anime Trailer Gives Us A Lot To Work With

With the Altered Carbon: Resleeved anime trailer, we’re introduced to a brand new world. The trailer begins with exposition into the world of the series. It seems that the show is trying to be accessible to audiences not familiar with the live-action series. Then we see the formula of the stories in this Altered Carbon world. Both seasons 1 and 2 saw the lead character of Takeshi Kovacs recruited by some rich person for a mission. Similarly, Kovacs is hired again, but this time to protect a tattoo artist in the Resleeved anime. 

It’s a clear-cut story. Kovacs, in a new sleeve (body), has to protect a young girl (0r someone in the sleeve of a young girl) from people that want to kill her. And a lot of people want to kill her, for some reason. The official tattoo artist of the Yakuza, she is somehow caught up in something worth her life. The rest of the trailer is some pretty much insanity unfolding on the screen which looks incredibly stunning!

How Resleeved Looks Drastically Different Than The Altered Carbon We’re Used To

Altered Carbon Resleeved anime trailer poster Image via Netflix.

As an anime, Resleeved is obviously going to differ in visuals from the live-action series. But I didn’t expect it to be this good. The anime works perfectly with the storyline and the world-building of the show. It was surprising, but the anime medium is the best adaptation of this kind of content that we didn’t know we needed. There were some concerns about using CGI anime instead of the conventional style. But having seen the action and scenes in motion, it works incredibly well. The anime’s tone and design work within this technological universe. The setting makes everything as surreal and unreal at the same time. 

Altered Carbon’s representation, or lack thereof, of minorities received a lot of criticism initially. This worsened with Season 2. Season 1 saw Takeshi Kovacs, an Asian character, played by the Caucasian Joel Kinnaman. Season 2 had the African-American Anthony Mackie be Kovacs. Better, but it was strange why an Asian actor was not portraying the character. Well, that’s not entirely true. Season 1 had both Byron Mann and Will Yun Lee as the former and birth bodies of the character, respectively. Yun Lee reprised the role in Season 2. Yet, some felt that whitewashing the character of Kovacs was problematic, despite it being a faithful adaptation of the novel. Resleeved may be trying to course-correct by basing its story in a Japanese setting, with Kovacs in the body of an actual Asian man.

The Altered Carbon Anime Has A Lot Of Familiarity Despite Its Newness

Altered Carbon Resleeved anime trailer image. Image via Netflix.

The Resleeved anime trailer does still boast of a lot of established concepts. There is clearly a Japanese AI running a hotel. Like that of Chris Conner’s character, Poe, in both live-action seasons. The trailer also implies a storytelling format that flips from present to past. Also like the original series. Not to mention the insane mind-boggling action sequences. Which improves a hundred-fold, given that it’s no longer restricted by the limitations of the real world as an anime. I cannot wait to dive back into the Altered Carbon universe, in this brand new way. 

Altered Carbon: Resleeved releases on Netflix on March 19. 

What did you think about the Altered Carbon: Resleeved anime trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 

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